Article: Hire Your SMEs Through Extanto

Two SMEs working together.

There are unique benefits to bringing on tested, trained professionals on a temporary basis. Of course there is the flexibility they provide — letting you staff up or down more quickly and cost-effectively. But also consider these additional benefits to you:

Benefits to your organization.

1. Try before you buy. Bringing on contractors temp-to-perm before you hire is a great way to find the right candidate for that fulltime position.

2. Short term projects. You may not have enough work to warrant an FTE, so bring on some contingent rock stars for the temporary project. This allows you the opportunity to focus on immediate needs and unaddressed projects and tasks.

3. Tight deadlines. You may not have enough time to hire and train up a team and still turn out the project on time.

4. One place to pay. You can consolidate payment and invoice processing instead of having to track multiple contractors and remit multiple payments, thereby easing AP processing burden.

5. Contractor replacement. If a contractor gets hired or leaves unexpectedly while the project is still underway, we can provide qualified, vetted replacements.

Benefits to your contractors.

1. Steady pay. We make sure our contractors always get paid and can intervene on their behalf, should that need ever arise.

2. Steady work. As our portfolio of clients grows, the opportunities grow, too.

3. Great work experience. As contractors change careers or perhaps emerge from their academic experience, we offer an excellent opportunity to work with the country’s top academic publishers.

4. Flexible work schedule. We are a results-oriented workplace.  We don’t require our contractors to be behind a desk at a certain time, only that they meet deadlines and attend virtual meetings and trainings, as necessary.

5. Work from where ever. Work from your breakfast table, the beach, or your favorite coffee shop!