About Extanto

Development is about execution

HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Java, and XML. These are just some of the technical standards of the Internet; they are the building blocks of worldwide electronic communication and commerce. Collectively, we have over sixty years experience with them. We understand them and can creatively use them to meet your needs.

But, individually or together, technical standards are not the most important thing.

They are just a means toward an end. What is important? Execution. Delivering. The sites we work on produce the results our customers expect and require. Those results -- from a well-functioning e-commerce site, to a vibrant online user-community, to seamless access to complex databases -- are what matters.

Execution. Results. Extanto.

Design is about communication

Having good graphic design is not enough. Having a good user interface is not enough. Comprehensively modeling your site is not enough. Usability testing? It's good, but in and of itself, it won't make your site great.

The elements of design are not design.

Every web site needs to communicate. Its owners -- our clients -- have something they want to convey, and they want people who come to their site to get that message. A site's design must serve that need -- it must convey the message before anything else. Good design is communication.

We know how to use the elements of design to deliver your message, to impel the people who come to your site to action. To make your site do what you want it to do.

Communication. Action. Extanto.